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Agent Orange (AA)


Sativa Dominant Hybrid 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

THC: 16-19%

Combine Orange Skunk with Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen, and you get Agent Orange – no, not the Vietnam-era pesticide, but rather the medical marijuana strain. A sativa-dominant hybrid with a 75:25 sativa/indica ratio, Agent Orange produces an uplifting cerebral high ideal for depression, anxiety, and migraines. It can be useful in treating minor aches and pains, but it isn’t recommended for treatment of chronic pain. The high starts to descend after just half an hour, making this a good strain for daytime activities and house chores. Agent Orange smells like citrus, naturally, and it tastes like sweet and spicy oranges, while the bud has a deep purple appearance. There are few adverse effects, though dry mouth is possible. Agent Orange, despite its name and the massive military mistake associated with it, is popular across the United States, but especially in Michigan and the Pacific Northwest. It’s a very effective medication for many people. Agent Orange is a fun choice for everyday living that medicates without overpowering.



  • Gives an uplifting high
  • Has a nice sweet flavor
  • Contains THC and CBD

Agent Orange is a marijuana strain known for its sweetness. Fans enjoy both its sweet flavor and fragrant aroma. This slightly sativa leaning hybrid, a balanced blend that washes your worries away while also delivering a sudden rush of energy.

Unlike its namesake, the deadly chemical, the Agent Orange strain of marijuana is nothing close to scary. In fact, it makes people quite happy.  The strain is fragrant, with a citrusy aroma and taste, with a sudden shock of cheese. This child of parent strains Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper contains 10% to 19% THC and 0.01% to 0.1% CBD. So, not only does it pack a punch in the euphoria department, but it also has some useful medicinal properties.

For an instantly invigorating high, Agent Orange is the strain for you. Its aroma is both energizing and pleasant, and its flowers are sweet and citrusy. Created by TGA Genetics, its terpene profile is like no other strain of marijuana. This strain will help bring out the uplifted, happy person hiding within you.

Origin Of Agent Orange

Agent Orange is an acclaimed strain of marijuana that was engineered by renowned researcher Subcool. This marijuana strain has stood the test of time as one of the most liked and adored strains available. This strain is a perfect example of how skills, passion, and dedication can result in something that changes the world.

A lot of attention went into the development of this strain. While working at TGA Genetics, Subcool led a team of dedicated individuals to come up with Agent Orange. It was bred from Jack the Ripper (sativa) and Orange Velvet (hybrid) varieties of weed to produce the best high with the least negative effects. They were successful; users in need of a “high” like no other, should definitely try Agent Orange.


Effects Of Agent Orange

Those who consume Agent Orange will quickly feel extremely happy. Whether you suffer from depression, or could just use a pick me up, Agent Orange can do the trick. Once the effects of this strain kick in, you’ll immediately recognize the euphoria while also feeling very relaxed.

Agent Orange is perfect for those looking for upliftment and ways to forget about life’s struggles. It leaves its users feeling uplifted and content with life. Users of Agent Orange also enjoy its relaxing effects.

Agent Orange is also known to bring out creativity. Users report being more imaginative and likable after consuming this hybrid. It also helps some users feel more motivated, while also improving their mood.

According to experts, Agent Orange delivers a “classic stoner’s high” that hits you immediately and causes anyone to unwind. Yet, unlike many other strains, Agent Orange won’t leave you feeling sluggish, tired and lazy. This heady high will put a smile on your face while leaving you feeling euphoric and giggly.

Adverse Reactions

Selective breeding over time has led to a strain of cannabis that doesn’t cause adverse reactions in most users. A few users experience dry mouth and dry eyes, but, that can also be avoided through constant hydration with liquids.

Agent Orange is one of the happiest strains available because there is very little chance of making its user uncomfortable.  Medical dispensaries often recommend it because it has few reported cases of anxiety and dizziness. Using Agent Orange also rarely results in paranoia.


Medical Uses For Agent Orange

All over the world, Agent Orange is used as one of few natural remedies for a number of medical conditions. Some users even report curing ailments that hadn’t even been clearly diagnosed. Some of the medical uses of this weed variety include the following:

  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Treats fatigue
  • Overcoming depression
  • Treats insomnia


Agent Orange’s citrusy aroma is so delightful, it helps to uplift moods and boost morale. This makes it a very effective strain for treating anxiety and depression. Its citrusy note will turn your lethargy around, leaving your soothed and energized.

Cancer patients benefit from the cannabis strain because of its ability to induce appetites or cause the munchies. This makes it an excellent choice for treating lack of appetite and chronic nausea caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It also helps tackle the fatigue caused by such harsh procedures.


Taste And Aroma Of Agent Orange

One thing is for certain, the uber-fragrant aroma of Agent Orange is quite unique. It envelopes the room instantly, and last for long after the smoke is gone. The distinct smell resembles that of citrusy sweet cheese, which tantalizes your senses.

Agent Orange is also a popular strain due to its aromatic flavor. It tastes like sweet citrus mixed with a blast of cheese. Its aftertaste keeps the herbal flavor lingering, along with a hint of orange which clings to your palate like glue.


Growing Agent Orange

Agent Orange is moderately difficult to grow because of its low resistance to common diseases. So, it’s recommended that growers of this strain have some growing experience. Agent Orange plants tend to grow wild without careful training. If you aren’t careful, they can quickly transform into massive trees. Therefore, they must be trained and trimmed into a bush to produce the best buds.

This tall plant can grow to a height of 56 inches and flourishes well both indoors and outdoors. If you decide to cultivate it indoors, you can expect about 16 ounces of usable flower per square meter. Expect a flowering time of between 8 and 9 weeks.

When the plant is grown outdoors, it may yield up to 19 ounces of fresh marijuana from each plant. Harvest will take place sometime in October. It also grows well hydroponically, but don’t expect any additional yield. Hydroponic growing may make it easier to prevent common diseases, and control the growing environment.

This legendary weed strain grows well in temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so growers should live in a fairly warm climate before attempting to grow this strain outdoors.


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